If you were wondering...

Email: hayley.daen@gmail.com
Twitter: haylyeah
Instagram: hayleydaen
Website: www.the-social-vampire.com

Name: Hayley Daen
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Current location: London
Day Job: Multimedia journalism student, wannabe food writer
Daily Uniform: Black, black, black, though I've been known to rock the occasional groutfit.
In the kitchen, I swear by: A heavy hand with the salt shaker.
The taste I couldn’t live without: Matcha. 
Most incredible dinner out: Dinner in...
I’m dying to go to: Burma
If I could cook for anyone: Jerry Seinfeld would be on the receiving end of one mean bowl of cereal
My mother taught me: There's nothing worse than over-roasted asparagus.
Favorite Recipe: My mom's famous spaghetti.
My Motto: YOLO. Just kidding. I dunno, maybe, you can never have too many french fries.


  1. How did you come up with your blog header, "Baking the Book?"

  2. Hi Wendi!
    I actually drew the design myself! Hope that helps